Slurry Pump Parts
Liner Material:Metal/Rubber
Pump Type:N/A
Excellence Slurry Pumps are produced strictly supervised by our quality control personnel, including foundry, machining, assembling and testing. Every single part is marked and recorded from foundry to finished products. Impeccable QC department and strict procurement are fundamental to our high quality products.
The Impeller is one of the most important parts of slurry pump. Centrifugal pumps need impeller to produce the centrifugal force which transfer the slurries. The centrifugal force is produced by the impeller which rotates to a certain speed.
Liner is also one of wet parts of slurry pumps. It forms a pump chamber with throatbush and frame plate liner insert where the slurry would  flow through them. 
Expeller is also a very important slurry pump part. It can not only help seal the pump, but also reduce the centrifugal force. The design and material of expeller is significant to  its service life because it is also one of the wet parts.
Throatbush is one of wet parts of slurry pumps. It links plate liner and forms a Pump chamber to work with impeller. As a wet part, its material is very important and Excellence pump offer high chrome white iron (%27chrome) throatbush which is very abrasive-resistant.
Slurry pump lantern ring is a ring or sleeve around a rotating shaft; an opening in the ring provides for forced feeding of oil or grease to bearing surfaces; particularly effective for pumps handling liquids. It is usually used in packing seal and expeller seal.
The expeller ring, as it's name illustrated, is a house that the expeller runs in.
The most common shaft sleeve function is that of protecting the shaft from wear at packing and mechanical seals. Shaft sleeves serving other functions are given specific names to indicate their purpose.
Shaft bearing is known as a rolling-element bearing. This type uses spheres or small cylinders that rotate, or roll, between a shaft and the mating parts to reduce friction and allow much tighter mechanical tolerances. 
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