Excellence Pump: return visit the domestic key client-----Gold and Copper Concentration Plant in Zijin Mining Group Co.,Ltd.
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In order to know the truth voice from the end users, and also improve the customer satisfaction for slurry pump products and services, Excellence Pump has already carried out return visit services to key client for more than 20 years. During this period, we establish and optimize the key customer profiles to master their demand changes and their suggestions. The reason why Excellence Pump can achieve the important position in the international and domestic market is the innovation of the products and services for more than twenty years and keeping on the frontier of the industry. Zijin Mining Group is one of our domestic key customers, and this time Excellence Pump sent two masters (Mr. Gao and Mr. Ma) as the after-sales technical engineers to Zijin Mining Group site. Excellence Pump is the annual equipment supplier and also the only slurry pump solutions supplier for Zijin Mining Group.

The project is located in 14km away in the north of shanghang county in Fujian province, and it belongs to the gold and copper mine which is the base and profit center of Zijin Mining Group. In March 2008, the Gold and Copper mine is awarded as the”biggest gold mine in China” by China gold association because of its large gold resources availablity, large gold production, large scale, low level requirement and low unit ore cost. In 2019, the output of gold is 18MT, and the output of cathode copper is 12882.84MT in the Zijin Gold and Copper mine. Slurry pump is mainly used in the process of slurry transporting, on the one hand, it can be used together with magnetic separator, flotation machine, screening machine. On the other hand, the slurry can also be transported directly through the pipeline to the designated location. Generally, the slurry is concentrations and tailings.
On April 10th, after arriving at Zijin Gold and Copper mine, the factory manager Mr.Fan warmly welcomed them. He says happily: "we have coopertated several times, and the technicians from Excellence Pump provide after-sales visits to Zijin Gold and Copper mine regularly. Every training given by the technical engineers is very practical and helpful to improve the work efficiency based on the equipment operators’ feedback. Everyone is looking forward to your visit!"

Technical engineers from Excellence Pump are checking the service condition of EHM-14TU slurry pump in Zijin Gold and Copper mine.

Technical engineers from Excellence Pump are checking the service condition of EHM-10ST slurry pump in copper mine tailing of Zijin Gold and Copper mine.

Then on the way to the subordinate mine, the factory manager Mr. Fan says with prasie: "The slurry pumps of Excellence brand have very good wear life which is 1/3 higher than other ordinary slurry pumps under the same working condition, and they win very good reputation in Zijin Gold and Copper mine. The EHM-14TU slurry pump is selected as the ball mill slurry pump, which is one of the important energy consuming equipments in the ball mill. It operates normally in real application and achieves the expected effect. In particular, the EHM-10TU slurry pump works in very stable condition, and only the expeller ring has been replaced in 32 months, while other main wet parts still works normally till now. The After-sales technical engineers immediately reply that "thanks very much for the always support and praise of Zijin Gold and Copper mine, and welcome to give your valuable opinions and suggestions about the slurry pump products and services." Customers' trust is an enocuragement and also responsibility to us, which can spur us to forge ahead actively. Focus on the customer needs, provide first-class product with perfect after-sales service and good technology support to customers continuously.

Technical engineers from Excellence Pump are checking the slurry pump service condition in gold mine I of Zijin Gold and Copper mine.

Technical engineers from Excellence Pump are checking the solid diameter in the tailing slurry on site.

Technical engineers from Excellence Pump are checking the solid diameter coming from the ball mill on site.
When arriving at a mine site, the first thing that the technical engineers from Excellence Pump do is to communicate with the equipment supervisor to know the slurry pump service condition (operation efficiency, wear and wet parts life, etc.) in the past two months, and then talk with each operator to know the daily operation condition (the daily operation, parts replacement, common troubleshooting, etc.). 

Technical engineers from Excellence Pump are checking the slurry pump service condition in gold mine II of Zijin Gold and Copper mine.
After-sales engineers know that they have very big responsibility, and they represent the image of the company. During every after-sales service, Mr.Gao and Mr.Ma go  into the production site to understand the customers' requirements and new demands; focus on thepart which the operators concern during training; make routine inspection and maintenance for slurry pump (bearing temperature, vibration and noise, etc.); seek for opinions and advice from clients as the R&D direction in the next step.

Slurry pump in serials in gold mine I tailing site of Zijin Gold and Copper mine.

Spare parts wearshouse ---the impeller and volute liner are all from Excellence Pump. 
Within a week, 2 engineers completed the after sale service of all Zijin Hill Gold Mining. Our two engineers tracked gold mine first mill plant, second mill plant, third mill plant, copper stope, copper mill plant and copper wet mill concentration. The staffs from each plant gave a high comment on Excellence Pump’s product. Excellence Pump’s product won the praise of all technicians and operators from the plant with its good quality and nice service, and look forward to next cooperation in future project.
By after sale service, technicians had a face to face communication with operators, offered suggestions basing on the site situation and trained about the common fault and solution, which made a base for future cooperation. In this after sale service, Excellence Pump improved clients’ satisfaction and got the opportunities for future cooperation. So, Excellence Pump will pay more effort into the return visit and improving the service quality with service number 4006-086-311 , try our best to serve clients well! 

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